Guowei He. Professor

State Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics (LNM)
Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100190, P. R. China

Fax :86-10-82543977

Research Interests

• Turbulence statistical theory and computational modeling:space-time correlations (two-point, two-time
  closure), time-accurate turbulence models

• Large-eddy simulation : turbulence-generated noise, particle-laden turbulence

• Bio-locomotion:self-propulsion of many bodies, bat flight

• Numerical methods:immersed boundary method, hybrid molecular-continuum simulation

Selected Recent Publications

• Space-time correlations of fluctuating velocities in turbulent shear flows, Phys. Rev. E 79 (4): 046316 (2009).

• Effects of subgrid-scale modeling on time correlations in large eddy simulation, Phys. Fluids 14: 2186 (2002).

• A smoothing technique for discrete delta functions with application to immersed boundary method in
  moving boundary simulation, J. Comp. Phys. 228 (20): 7821 (2009).

• A dynamic coupling model for hybrid atomistic-continuum computation, Chem. Eng. Sci. 62 (13):
  3574 (2007).

• Lift enhancement by dynamically changing wingspan in forward flapping flight, Physics of Fluids, 26,
   061903 (2014).

News and Events

• GW He , GD Jin and Y Yang, Space-time correlations and dynamic coupling in turbulent flows
  Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech 49 51-71 (2017)

Zhang X et al's publication in "Phys. Rev. Lett" : Flow-mediated interactions between two self-
  propelled fla
ping filaments in tandem configuration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 113:238105 (2014)

Prof. He joins the editorial advisory committee of "Phys. Rev. Fluids"